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Example of ‘Cell1′ , Example of ‘Cell2′ , Example of ‘Soft’

What sketch, lines and flat (colours) mean should be obvious, and you should hopefully be able to point out the examples of them above.;;;

Do NOT use my DeviantArt gallery for examples of my own style, all the stuff in there is pretty old now lmao. (It's still ok to look for examples of pxiels, fake sprites etc in there though.)

Please send your full request to my email: You may inquire about my current status (busy, free etc.) and any other quick questions through a message if you wish. I also have no problem discussing everything over tumblr messaging, but I will only send my paypal email and images through email.

The above is NOT my Paypal email, it is only for enquires, discussion and sending you the image files.


- Humans with animal features (anything from simple ears, tail, horns to half and half mythical creatures such as: Mermaid, naga, satryr etc. (NO centaurs though.)

- Animals/Pokemon/monsters (Once again, NO horse/horse-like creatures.)


- Full furries

- Complicated mecha suits or large mecha weapons. (Samus level is just about ok.)

- Nsfw (swimsuits/lingerie ok!)

- Tattoo designs


- GBP and Paypal only
- Payment has to be received before I begin. Can be negotiated to half before half after if your total is higher than £40.

Terms and Conditions:

- The default is no time limit. I try to get things done asap, but I can’t predict the future. if you need a deadline (eg. A birthday present for someone) then by all means ask about it, but please be prepared to pay an extra fee or have your request declined.

- Please do not use my image for anything other than personal use. Example: Do not print my things onto products and re-sell them. If you wish to have this commission on a product (eg. mug, t-shirt) then you can ask me about it, and I can either put it up on my Redbubble account, or on another similar website (if you can recommend me one). Or alternatively, give you the permission to print it, as long as it’s just one or two for yourself and/or a friend.

- Feel free to request that I keep you updated with my progress (including screenshots and things), but with this I will generally be the one to email you once I’ve finished something, please do not pester me with an unreasonable amount of “Is it done yet!!?!?1” emails. A couple every now and again, especially if I’m taking along time to contact you is a-ok.

- I will send you updates during the sketching and colouring phase (where applicable) by default if it is a design commission, or one from a written description. This is to ensure I have interpreted your request properly.

- Once I start the next stage of the commission (sketch –> line art –> colouring) I will not change anything from the previous step without an extra change (unless it’s something really simple, then it’s ok.)

- I will not upload your commission to DeviantArt. I may use it as a preview image for my commissions info page, but nothing else.

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xBandii Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Professional General Artist
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